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Forget going North ....

We usually head North for the cooler months, road tripping our way up to Exmouth with three kids in the back, 658 items crammed in the car, boards on top and every technical device we have possible to keep our kids entertained for the long journey. Throw in back seat sibling wars, road side bush toilets and the insatiable hunger of three starving kids for the entire journey. How relaxing ...

This Winter instead of fleeing to the North head South and embrace the festival of Cabin Fever with romantic blustery nights, log fires and red wine, 10 days of wintry goodness, more than 40 experiences dotted from Busselton to Margaret River and everywhere in between.


Here are some of our favourite picks from the line up....

DATES - July 16-25 - BOOK NOW before tickets sell out!

Chows Table Event - One of our favourite places to eat!

Tiller Dining - 5 course degustation with DJ - (work off what you ate)

Howard Park - Fondue Heaven

FREE - Mexican St Food Event

Brunch with wine - Oh Yeah! - Let's do this Winter thing

Voyager - A fire side Feast



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